New Patient Registrations

If you are a DERBY UNIVERSITY STUDENT please access your registration forms here.

If you live within our practice area and wish to register with us, please complete the online registration form below. Your registration will be sent direct to the practice and we will only contact you if your registration has been rejected. It often takes some time for medical records to arrive from your previous surgery. Therefore, all new patients are required to complete a health questionnaire as part of the registration. Medical treatment will be available from the date the registration is accepted.

Please check you live within our catchment area before registering or updating your address.

Moved address or changed your contact details?

Please use the form below to update your details such as changing your name. Please note you must provide legal documents to support these changes.

Why has my registration been rejected?

There are a number of reasons why a registration may be rejected. The main reasons are:

  • You live outside of our practice area – please check the practice catchment area BEFORE registering.
  • We have previously enforced a removal of your registration due to our zero tolerance policy.
  • You are registering a child under 16 who does not have an adult living at the same address registered at our practice.
  • You have incorrectly completed the online form.

Will I be allocated a GP?

All patients are allocated a named GP. If you wish to know who your allocated named GP is we can give you this information when you next attend the surgery or by emailing us on:

If you would like your allocated named GP changing we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request. Please remember this DOES NOT affect which doctor you usually see at the practice