Registration Information

New Patient Registrations

The Doctors welcome new patients who live within our practice area.

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It often takes some time for records to be forwarded from your former practice. Therefore. all new  patients will be asked to complete a health questionnaire.

Medical treatment is available from the date of registration.

The practice has over 25,000 patients spread over 3 sites. The main site, which houses most of the management and administrative staff, is situated on Maine Drive, Chaddesden with branch surgeries at Derby Road, Borrowash and at Derby University.

Our telephone and computer systems are linked, which enables us to answer your calls at any of our branch surgeries, make appointments, give results or deal with any other enquiries. All of our sites have a range of health professionals able to deal with your health needs and offer you the best possible level of healthcare.

Car Parking at Chaddesden – Please ensure that you do not park to the right of the large tree, at the back of the building. There is a large – ‘STAFF PARKING ONLY’ sign. If you park here you will be blocked in!

Patient Information

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Your Electronic Health Record A Patient Guide

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Allocated a Named GP

As part of the new 2015/16 General Medical Services contract, ALL patients, (including children), should be informed that they have been allocated a named GP and this GP will be responsible for your overall care at the practice.

So what does this mean for you?

All our patients are allocated a named doctor. This does not mean you can only see this GP, as an Oakwood Surgery patient you are quite within your rights to book, in advance, with the doctor you choose to see or continue to see the GP who is available on the day. Therefore you should see no change in the day to day running of the practice or your care.

However, if you wish to know who your allocated named GP is, you will find it at the bottom of the tear off slip off your prescription or we can give you this information at your request when you next attend the surgery or by contacting us. If you would like your allocated named GP changing we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request.

Please remember this DOES NOT affect which doctor you usually see at the practice