Registration Forms

When you register with The Park Medical Practice, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. This is because it can take a considerable time for us to receive your medical records.

Please print off and fully complete the registration forms below and return to Reception with your 3 forms of original ID, see below for more details: 

Alternatively, you can ask for a New Patient Registration Pack from Reception

Patient Information

PPG welcome letter

How we use your information

Your Electronic Health Record A Patient Guide

How do you communicate PMP poster

When the Surgery is closed – Out of hours leaflet PMP

Know your NHS Services – Part 1

Know your NHS Services – Part 2


Please note: We will need 3 forms of identification from you (NOT PHOTOCOPIES)

One must have a photo of you, your name and date of birth (driving licence, passport).

One must be a type of utility bill (electricity, bank, council tax etc) showing your name, full current address and dated within 3 months of you registering with the Practice.

You can print our registration forms below. Please complete ALL parts of forms 1 – 5 (Adults) and forms 1 – 3 plus 4 if appropriate (Children) and return all to reception with your forms of ID


1. Registration GMS1 Form 

2. Adult Registration Front Sheet Forms of Identification Required

3. Adult Healthcare Questionnaire PMP

4. Adult PMP Alcohol Questionnaire AUDIT-C

5. Access to Online services request form

6. Out of hours leaflet PMP Please print and keep for future reference


Children: 0 – 15 years 

1. Registration GMS1 Form

2. Child Registration Front Sheet A Birth certificate is required for all children and NHS number, if registering a baby

3. Child Healthcare Questionnaire PMP

4. Alcohol Questionnaire AUDIT-C (if appropriate)