Accessing your GP services

What hasn’t changed?

The Park Medical Practice is, and has been, throughout the Covid19 pandemic, open for your health and medical needs. Our priority is to continue to maintain a safe environment for patients and staff. Contrary to some regrettable misconceptions, please be assured that we are open for your health needs. The way you access our services has changed in line with NHSE and government guidance.

What HAS changed?

  • The pandemic has resulted in major changes in the way General Practice operates and functions. We have been working hard under NHSE and PHE guidance to provide remote triage and consultations.
  • Patients can no longer directly book appointments face to face at reception – this is to ensure social distancing requirements are maintained to ensure your safety, and that of other patients and our staff.
  • Patients with long-term conditions will have their reviews mostly conducted either via telephone or video consultation. Where there is a clinical need, they will be invited for a face to face review.
  • Phlebotomy appointments continue to run, but are on a strictly pre-booked basis.
  • Baby check clinics continue to run, as do our immunisation clinics.


Remote triage and consultations – telephone, video, online

  • In line with NHSE guidance, we now operate a remote triage first service, via a variety of ways including online eConsult, telephone consultations and video consultations.

  • Many conditions can be managed safely remotely, but a Clinician will still book you in for a face to face review if this is clinically indicated to help with the management of your problem.

Why can’t I just book a face to face appointment whenever I want?

  • This new way of working is not to deny you a face to face appointment – it is to ensure that your problem is dealt with safely, correctly and as swiftly as possible by the correct team member, the first time round.

  • It is also to ensure that we adhere to social distancing regulations, which restrict the number of people we can accomodate in the waiting room at any one time.

  • It is definitely not about reducing our team’s workload – we have found that we are offering far more appointments than we used to, because there are now more telephone, video, and eConsult appointments in a working day, so in fact we have been working harder than we did before the pandemic.

  • Telephone and remote consultations are also more challenging and stressful for our Team, due to the lack of non-verbal cues when seeing a patient face to face. This is why it may actually take longer to consult someone remotely compared to a traditional face to face consultation.

  • We will continue to work hard to make this new way of working as effective as possible for you. Most importantly, it minimises any potential Covid19 risk to you, your family and carers, and our staff by ensuring that you are asked to attend the surgery only when it is clinically appropriate.

Thank you!

We know that changes are never easy, so the team thanks you for your cooperation and understanding, by NOT attending any of our 4 sites in person, unless you have a pre-booked face to face appointment arranged by a Clinician, or without prior discussion with a member of The Park Medical Practice Team.

We have now introduced an intercom service at the Borrowash, Chaddesden and Oakwood sites. If you have been advised to attend a face to face appointment, please press the buzzer and wait for a member of the reception team to let you in.

**Please DO NOT attend the surgery if you do not have a face to face appointment – please contact the surgery via telephone, e-consult or email.**

You can contact us via:

Telephone contact 01332 667911 – our phone lines are open 8am – 6pm

  • Our telephone lines remain very busy daily. Please be kind to our reception staff who are doing their best to assist you. We will not tolerate any abusive or aggressive behaviour targeted at staff or other patients. Any patients or relatives doing so risk being removed from the premises, and deregistered from the practice. You can read more about our zero tolerance policy here.


eConsultAvailable Mon – Fri 0800-1830. Outside of these hours please contact 111 for medical advice, or 999 for medical emergencies. Click on the eConsult banner on our homepage.

  • eConsult is an online service that enables you to submit a query or request to us.

  • Please note this service is only usually available during our usual contracted hours of Monday to Friday 0800 – 1830. Outside of these hours please contact 111 for medical advice , or attend your local Urgent Care Centre or Accident & Emergency department, or ring 999 for any urgent medical emergencies.
  • There is a limit on the number of eConsults that we can safely process in a day. You may therefore find that the eConsult service is reduced when capacity has been reached. You should still ring the surgery if you need medical assistance – please check our homepage for regular updates on service availability.
  • eConsult should only be used for non-urgent clinical and administrative matters. For more urgent clinical matters, please telephone the surgery directly. eConsult may signpost you to more appropriate services, or to 999/A&E if your problem appears to be an urgent emergency.
  • We aim to respond to your queries within 2 working days, with the majority within 1 working day wherever possible. This may be via sms text, telephone or email. Please note that due to increasing demand and workforce limitations, some queries may take longer to respond to e.g. admin queries may take upwards of 3 working days. If your query or condition changes and becomes more urgent, please telephone the surgery, or contact 111 for further medical advice.

  • If you need to send photos that may help us to diagnose and manage your medical condition, please click on these links (Link 1) (Link2) for guidance on how to send a good quality photo. *Please note that for medico-legal and safeguarding reasons, we do not advise sending photographs of any private, intimate or sensitive parts of the body*.

**How to make the most out of eConsult**

  • Select the most appropriate section for your query e.g. medication review, asthma review, rash/spots, back pain and so on. Try and avoid using “General Advice” as this makes it more difficult for us to decide the best help for you. You may be asked to resubmit another eConsult using the appropriate section if this happens.
  • If used correctly, eConsult should help us to resolve your query more efficiently. Incorrect or incomplete eConsults may result in further delays to your query, as we may need to request further information from you and/or request a resubmission with the relevant information.
  • Browse the self-care and self-help section for common minor conditions that may not require an appointment with a clinician.
  • Be as comprehensive as possible with your query or request, without writing a novel – the more relevant information we have, the easier it is to decide how best to get you the help/response you need.
  • Please avoid using 1 online form for multiple problems.
  • Please always update us when you change your mobile or landline number, to enable us to contact you.
  • For ongoing problems, please specify the clinician or team member that has been caring for you – this helps with continuity of care – where possible we will always try and forward your query to that clinician. If that clinician or team member is not available your query will be allocated to the next available appropriate team member.

  • If eConsult directs you to ring 111 or 999 or attend A&E, please follow the advice given, and do not try and resubmit your eConsult by providing different answers to the questions.
  • Please don’t worry if you are unable to complete an online eConsult – please telephone us and our reception team will be pleased to assist you.

For further information and FAQs please visit eConsult’s FAQ page.

Possible outcomes after you contact us:

Advice, treatment, or signposting to alternative treatment via sms

  • Providing we have enough information in your eConsult, we may be able to provide you with advice or a prescription for your condition, or signpost you to alternative management options. This saves you from needing a face to face appointment at the surgery.
  • We currently use a software tool called Accurx to send you a text message, sometimes with useful links and attachments, hence it is essential that we have your up to date mobile number.

Telephone Appointments with an appropriate clinician

  • Sometimes it may be more appropriate for you to speak to a specific professional for your query e.g. a physiotherapist or pharmacist or social prescriber, or it may be that your query is best managed by the Clinician that knows you best, who may not be working on the day you call or submit your eConsult.
  • You will be informed of this telephone appointment booking, usually via sms or telephone (please make sure we have your most up to date details).
  • The team member will always try and contact you at a convenient time for you, but please bear in mind that it may not always be possible to specify an exact time as this depends on any other urgent or emergency calls that the Clinical Team has to deal with on the day.

Video Consultation

  • You will receive a link to your mobile phone when the clinician is ready to start the video consultation. We currently use a service called Accurx, it is not necessary for the patient to download an app. Just click on the link you receive, and the rest is simple and straightforward.

Face to Face consultation at the surgery

  • Face to face consultations will be offered if a telephone or video consultation is not possible or appropriate to meet your health needs or query.

If you have a pre-booked face to face consultation please ensure you:

  • Arrive wearing a face covering, this does not need to be a surgical mask.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided BEFORE using the touch screen.
  • Try to maintain a 2 metre social distance from other patients.
  • Try to limit the amount of time you spend in the surgery by not arriving more than 5 minutes before you appointment.
  • Attend alone, or with only 1 carer/parent as necessary.

What to expect when you arrive:

  • Clinicians may be wearing scrubs, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as Visor, Mask, Gloves and Apron. This is for the safety of you and our staff, please do not be alarmed by this.
  • To reduce the risk of cross contamination we have locked our public toilets. Please try to refrain from asking the receptionist to use the toilet unless absolutely necessary.