GP Registrars

Our practice is a training/teaching practice, and from time to time the practice has GP registrars working with us. They are fully qualified doctors obtaining further experience in general practice before moving to a practice of their own. They are fully supervised by one of the partners who has been specially approved to teach.

The practice may also take part in the training of pre-registration house officers as part of a national scheme. These doctors have limited experience but every aspect of their work is carefully scrutinised by one of the partners approved to train. Video and audio recordings of consultations are sometimes made to facilitate teaching. If a recording is planned you will be asked if you wish to consent before and after the consultation. When booking an appointment, you may be asked if you would consult with one of our registrars. We are confident that they will give our patients modern, effective and caring treatment. The practice is also involved in teaching undergraduate medical students from Nottingham University. They may be present during a consultation and you will always be told about this before seeing your GP. If you prefer them not to be present, please let us know, we will not be offended.

Education And Training

The practice is very proud of its status as a GP training practice. However, in addition to teaching doctors we are also actively involved in the training of practice nurses, district nurses, midwives, counsellors and health visitors. This helps the practice team to keep up to date with developments in medicine and we are grateful to our patients for their co-operation in this training.

Please note that the contents of your records may be revealed to other doctors or nurses within and outside the practice and your medical details may be discussed at confidential education meetings. If you have concerns in this respect, please raise them with Mrs Simpson, Practice Manager.